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Why Trust Us As Your Pet's Veterinarian?

At Mapleview Animal Clinic, we are committed to providing Simcoe County's dogs and cats with the very best veterinary care while providing outstanding customer service to pet parents. See below for more reasons why you can trust our team with your pet's health.

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Long-term teamwork makes us stronger.

Many of our veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and extended staff have been working together, supporting each other, and sharing their knowledge and experiences for decades. Over the years we have built a tight-knit team with a shared commitment to excellence in veterinary care. When you bring your cherished pet to Mapleview Animal Clinic, you have all of us working to improve the health of your dog or cat.

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We take listening to your concerns seriously.

No one knows your pet better than you. If you have noticed symptoms or behaviours that give you cause for concern, what you have to say is important. We take listening to pet parents seriously and schedule a full 30 minutes for each appointment. This time allows us to get a real understanding of the problem, perform a thorough examination, provide treatment options and answer any questions you may have about your pet's health.

About Our Hospital

Our referral surgery service gives you the answers you need.

It can be daunting to find out that your pet needs referral surgery, but our board certified veterinary surgeon Dr. Ayres is here to put your mind at ease with a more personalized approach to veterinary surgery. She provides in-depth pre-surgery consultations to explain procedures clearly, present treatment options, and address your concerns. We are committed to taking the fear factor out of your pet's surgery process.

Surgical Services

We understand what your companion means to you.

We know that your dog or cat isn't just a pet, they are your cherished companion and a beloved member of your family. It's important that the bond between our clients and their pets is respected and that we treat each of our four-legged patients with the compassion and attentiveness they deserve. We treat every patient as if they were a member of our own family.

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We believe that prevention is the key to a long and happy life.

Our goal is always to optimize your companion's health and prevent them from becoming ill in the first place. Our focus on preserving good health helps to protect your pet against unnecessary health conditions while saving you the cost of treatments for health problems that may have been avoided.

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New Patients Welcome

Mapleview Animal Clinic is newly renovated and ready to welcome your four-legged friend to our veterinary family! Get in touch today to book your dog or cat's first appointment.

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