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Veterinary Lab & Diagnostics

Our in-house diagnostics lab at Mapleview Animal Clinic is equipped to help us efficiently diagnose your companion's medical conditions and customize treatment plans.

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Diagnostic Technology

Mapleview Animal Clinic has been newly renovated and includes a well-equipped veterinary diagnostics lab allowing our team to diagnose a wide range of health problems, from kidney disease and diabetes to parasites, quickly and efficiently so that your pet's treatment can begin as soon as possible.

Our Barrie veterinarians have the tools and technology they need to obtain vital insights into your dog or cat's health.

The detailed findings from your companion's diagnostic tests allow us to provide the targeted treatments your furry friend needs and deserves.

Diagnostic & Lab Technology, Barrie Vet

Our Diagnostic Services 

Some of the most common diagnostic tests performed in-clinic include:

  • Radiography (Digital X-rays)

    Radiographs are performed on-site and can often be conducted on the same day as your appointment. Radiographs may be done with or without sedation, depending on the needs of your pet.

  • Digital Dental Radiology (Digital Dental X-rays)

    If your cat or dog is suffering from periodontal disease, much of this damage occurs below the gum line, where it can't be easily seen. Digital radiographs allow our team to examine the tooth roots and bones of the jaw.

    Dental radiographs are performed under general anesthesia for the safety of your beloved companion and to keep them perfectly still so that clear images can be taken.

  • Ultrasound

    With ultrasound imaging, we use high-frequency sound waves to produce images of the inside of the body. Because we capture ultrasound images in real time, we can see the structure and movement of your pet's internal organs, as well as blood flowing through the blood vessels.

  • Bloodwork

    Bloodwork can be performed in the clinic or sent to a veterinary diagnostics lab, determined by your pet's needs.

  • Urinalysis

    Urinalysis is primarily used to assess the health of your companion's kidneys and urinary tract system, but it can also help detect issues in other organ systems and is important for diagnosing metabolic diseases such as diabetes. 

  • Fecal Exams

    A fecal exam is a microscopic examination of your pet's feces. The goal of a fecal exam is to identify and treat any GI infections that could be compromising your pet's health and even the health of your family.

In-House Veterinary Pharmacy 

Once your companion's condition has been diagnosed, your veterinarian can prescribe and supply the necessary medications to help resolve or manage their health issue.

When it's time to refill your pet's prescription, simply let us know. Our staff can have your pet's prescription ready and waiting when you come in. 

In-House Pet Health Supplies

At Mapleview Animal Clinic, we are committed to providing pet parents with the best diet and health care products to treat their pet's medical issues and maintain their good health.

We are well-stocked with prescription diets, parasite prevention products, medications and more, allowing us to provide you with whatever products your four-legged friend needs.

New Patients Welcome

Mapleview Animal Clinic is newly renovated and ready to welcome your four-legged friend to our veterinary family! Get in touch today to book your dog or cat's first appointment.

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