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Senior Pet Care

Routine veterinary care becomes increasingly important as our four-legged friends move into their senior years. Our veterinarians provide targeted services to help aging pets stay healthy.

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Proactive Care for Happy Senior Pets

From checkups and diagnostic testing to nutritional counselling, our team is here to provide your senior dog or cat with all the care they need to stay optimally healthy as they enjoy their golden years.

Senior-focused wellness exams from Mapleview Animal Clinic, combined with targeted diagnostic testing, allow us to spot developing diseases early when they are most easily managed.

Our nutritional counselling services provide you with valuable guidance on how to help slow the progression of your senior companion's conditions using veterinarian-supervised diet plans.

Senior Care for Pets, Barrie

Health Problems in Senior Pets

Improvements in nutrition and advances in veterinary science mean that our cherished companions now enjoy increased longevity compared to the past.

While this is certainly something to be celebrated, pet owners and veterinarians now face the challenge of managing a variety of conditions that come along with advanced age.

Some of the conditions we commonly see in elderly dogs and cats include:

Wellness Exams For Aging Pets

During routine checkups, our team will thoroughly examine your senior companion and ask about their diet and lifestyle. Testing may be recommended to gain additional insight into their overall health.

Any masses should be assessed to determine if they are cancerous. Annual or semi-annual bloodwork and urinalyses are also recommended to assess organ function.

Recommendations may include changes to your companion's diet or exercise routine as well as medications to help your senior pet stay happy and comfortable.

The Importance of Preventive Care

Regular examinations for senior dogs and cats provide our veterinarians with the opportunity to detect developing conditions early.

Early detection allows treatment to begin when the condition is most easily managed, often helping to slow or stop the progression of the disease.

With regular physical examinations, your furry family member will have their very best chance of achieving quality long-term health.

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