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Veterinary Surgery

At Mapleview Animal Clinic our veterinarians provide surgical services for cats and dogs including spay and neuter procedures, soft-tissue and more. For advanced cases, our board-certified surgeon is accepting referrals.

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Veterinary Surgery for Dogs & Cats

At Mapleview Animal Clinic, we know that the prospect of bringing your pet in for surgery can be daunting. We are committed to making the process as stress-free as possible.

We offer a range of surgical procedures including soft tissue, ocular, orthopedic, spay and neuter procedures, and more to help maintain and restore the health of your dog or cat.

We strive to ensure that you fully understand why we are recommending a particular surgery for your pet and that you feel fully informed and comfortable making the decision to go ahead with the procedure.

This includes an in-depth consultation before the procedure to help pet parents understand their companion's condition and the recommended treatment.

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Referral Surgery at Mapleview Animal Clinic

Our board-certified veterinary surgeon Dr. Ayres has been providing referral surgery in Simcoe County since 2003.

Dr. Ayres will meet with you to discuss your pet's condition, the details of the recommended surgery, and what to expect from the recovery process. Ample time will be dedicated to addressing any concerns and answering any questions you may have.

Following discharge, the referring hospital will be sent a complete case summary.

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The Surgery Process

Before any surgery, we will complete a thorough pre-surgical assessment. This includes a physical examination of your companion as well as blood tests to assess organ function prior to anesthesia.

During each surgery, a dedicated veterinary technician will administer anesthesia and continuously monitor your dog or cat using electronic patient monitoring equipment. Pain management will also be provided.

Post-operative monitoring and pain management are our priorities following surgery. Your veterinarian will provide you with thorough instructions for at-home care, including how and when to administer any required medications.

Sterilization Protocols

Our clinic's surgical protocols include dedicated surgical suites that are kept clean to prevent infection and cross-contamination.

Surgical Procedures

At Mapleview Animal Clinic, we perform a wide range of surgeries for cats and dogs. We perform elective and non-elective surgeries to help repair injuries sustained through trauma and treat disease.

Surgical Procedures

New Patients Welcome

Mapleview Animal Clinic is newly renovated and ready to welcome your four-legged friend to our veterinary family! Get in touch today to book your dog or cat's first appointment.

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